The season

There’s a bit of a chill in the air now. The day are getting shorter.

For me, it represents one thing. The start of backpacking season. Another year of getting out in the woods and enjoying the crisp fall. Fall is my favorite time of year to hike and backpack. It’s a time for rejuvenation before winter sets in. For years now I have saved up most of my vacation time just so I can take a few weeks off in October and November. It’s that time once more.

Why do I like fall? The summers here in the south are filled with hot, humid days. They make it almost unbearable to hike. Those days are filled with sitting by the pool or doing short spurts of outdoor activities like mountain biking and trail running. But then fall comes with its chill and the humidity leaves. It makes it time to get outside and enjoy the forest. It makes it to where you can slow down, and enjoy the world around you.

But there’s more. There’s the autumn wildflowers that start blooming. There’s the changing leaves and the colors. There’s the crunch of leaves under my boots as I walk across the trail. There’s the leaves falling off the trees and revealing the views hidden in summer and spring showing more of the world around me. There is watching the sun rise in a crisp autumn morning. The sky clear in front of you. There’s the little chill in the air as you wake up in your sleeping bag, make some coffee in the morning and the hot coffee tastes even better as it helps you fight off the first of that chill.

Next week I am taking Carolina on her first backpacking trip. We’re heading to a bald on the Tennessee-North Carolina border. I am looking forward to rejuvenating my soul once more.

I hope that somehow it also affects her soul.


About rocklion2000

I am a newspaper reporter in Chattanooga, TN. I am also an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, backpacking and mountain biking.
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