Something to aspire to…

Here is a video of a fraction of the type of athlete I would like to become.

Notice the problems he has had though. Shin splints, fractures and kidney failure.

I don’t aspire to do that.



About rocklion2000

I am a newspaper reporter in Chattanooga, TN. I am also an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, backpacking and mountain biking.
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One Response to Something to aspire to…

  1. Dude ran a under 5 min mile for 150 miles. With pneumonia. My God. Seriously, though, this goes way past healthy, when your health regime is causing health problems, you should have enough sense to rethink it…he’s not running to take care of himself, he’s getting something mental/emotional out of it that goes beyond that. And he can’t possibly be having any sort of life beyond training. A fraction is right, this was kind of appalling.

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